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What is MISTDO

Minimum Industry Safety Training for Downstream Operations (MISTDO) is a basic safety training requirement which must be undertaken by ALL personnel working in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

It is a major component of the Safety Audit Clearance policy launched by the Department to reduce risks and occurrences of accidents in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry.


MISTDO seeks to address the high rate of incidents caused by personnel working in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry which have resulted in loss of lives, destruction of infrastructure, downtime in production, loss of revenue and environmental pollution.

The outcome from previous Investigations reveal that poor safety knowledge and culture and a dearth of competent personnel in this sector are major causes of these incidents. Thus, to eliminate or reduce to the barest minimum future occurrences of these incidents, the Department in line with its mandate to enforce policies & programs for the safety of people, the environment and Oil and Gas infrastructure, developed MISTDO.

Who is for MISTDO

All operations personnel working in Downstream Facilities. These include but are not limited to petroleum retail outlets, depots, Jetties, petroleum transport, Lube plants, gas retail and processing plants

What are the Objectives of MISTDO

  1. Enforce safety training requirements in the downstream sector.
  2. Increase awareness in safety and risks associated with operations in the sector.
  3. Improve knowledge and general competence level in the sector.
  4. Standardize basic safety training requirements for personnel across the sector.
  5. Serve as a reference or guide for prospective trainees in basic safety.
  6. Provide a platform to effectively monitor and regulate basic safety training activities in the sector.